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XML - Interface

You can send your texts for translation to the following URL

via HTTPS POST REQUEST after requesting a query_key from me by e-mail to secure the transfer
or at by creating an account the query key is generated automatically and can be copied into the clipboard.
The query_key must be passed as POST parameter with the parameter name query_key.
The structure of the XML document is shown below and can be validated with the following XSD file

The answer takes place with the same XML file where the target_text element contains the finished translation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <!-- next Order -->



String Value, call back URL


key to secure the call back transfer


String value intentifies a unique message-id inside the ordering firm


String value format YYYMMDD intentifies the latest delivering day of the translation


String value format HHMM intentifies the latest delivering time of the translation


International abbreviation of the source language


International abbreviation of the target language


Source text.Can contain html tags, allowed tags <br>,<br />,<b>,</b>,<i>,</i>,<ul>,</ul>,<ol>,</ol>,<li>,</li>,<p>,</p>,<h1>,</h1>,<h2>,</h2>,<h3>,</h3>,<h4>,</h4>,<h5>,</h5>,<h6>,</h6>


The translated text.If the source text contains html tags they wil be positioned by the translator manually in the target text.

The immediate answer from

is the following XML file about the status of the receiving

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<status_xml_valid>true</status_xml_valid>   <!-- String value  possible values:true or false -->
<status_insert_db>true</status_inserted_db> <!-- String value  possible values:true or false -->
<!-- next Order -->

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